Content Strategy… Mmm Mmm Good

If there’s one thing we can all identify with, it’s not having enough time to do everything that needs to get done -- even the most important things. But, if you’re willing to eat lunch at your desk for a week (which you very well might do anyway), C.C. Chapman (co-author of "Content Rules") offers a starting point for getting a hold on your website’s content strategy. How do you make the time to get your content under control? People hope and … [Read more...]

Creating a Social Media Content Calendar

With social media, it's easy to rely on one of my favorite "anti-strategies" – serendipity. Why not, right? People tweet awesome things every day about my school that I can just retweet. There's always a new article or an interesting video to post on Facebook. The hits just keep on coming. We'll be fine. You can’t plan social media! Until you have an episode of what I call Blank Page Panic. The symptoms of Blank Page Panic are clammy hands, … [Read more...]

Using Jargon? Inconceivable!

On the Sametz Blackstone blog, Meg Fowler warns against using jargon in our communications—a plight to which nonprofits are particularly prone. If you ask every level of an organization how they share the organization’s story, you’ll often get a lot of different answers, expressed in vastly different language—with a particularly large divide between the public and private voices. Which means that, both internally and externally, … [Read more...]