Web Professionals as Change Management Specialists

In an interview with Randall Snare from the CS Forum in London, content strategist Karen McGrane compares her work on the web to change management—a concept that hits home for academia. Generally, colleges are slow to adopt web strategy. As higher ed web professionals, we're not just content, design, development and marketing experts—we're also change management specialists. We help web stakeholders adapt and better utilize the web … [Read more...]

Three Higher Ed Content Problems a Strategy Can Solve

One of the goals of Meet Content is to make content strategy more tangible for higher education web professionals. Many discussions on content strategy (including those led by me) look at it from a wide-angle lens, which demonstrates the necessary holistic approach to content. However, this approach can also make the discipline seem overwhelming and unmanageable. So, to bridge the gap between concepts and daily challenges, I'd like to highlight … [Read more...]

Are We Talking Content Strategy or Content Marketing?

Content strategy and content marketing are often used interchangeably when in fact they're distinct practices. I don't like to get hung up on titles—it's more important that the content work gets done than properly labeling the job—but it confuses the work required when these terms are merged. On the iMedia Connection blog, Rebecca Lieb offers some clear distinctions regarding these terms. How do you define them? What titles do you use in your … [Read more...]

Is Your Web Content Ready to Go or Is It Stuck at Home?

On CMSWire, Ahava Leibtag talks about how user scenarios help plan for useful mobile content—an increasingly important topic for higher education. The question is no longer just why are people accessing our website but also how, when and where? A major part of content strategy is defining your users so you can help them accomplish their tasks more easily. When you define your users and what they care about, how they might behave on a website … [Read more...]

Meet Content

Everyone in higher education wants great and effective web content, but how do we make that happen? Where do we start? What are the challenges and solutions? What does it take to “get it right”? Meet Content was founded by Georgy Cohen and me, Rick Allen, to explore these questions and many others. Why? Because we love great content, just like you! Our goal is to enable higher education institutions to create and sustain web content that … [Read more...]