Live Content on a Low Budget

If there's one thing common to college campuses, it's events. We all have speakers, performances, panel discussions, cultural showcases, exhibits and other happenings scheduled weekly. We also have the events you can’t predict, whether it’s an unannounced visit by a local politician, a group discussion convened in reaction to a breaking news story or a spontaneous student gathering. While there are lots of ways we can report on an event, how … [Read more...]

Seeing is Believing

"Show, don't tell" is a tried and true adage for storytelling. But as UK video journalist Adam Westbrook points out, many stories that purport to be visual "[let] the words lead the way, dragging pictures along behind them." Westbrook challenges us to explore truly visual storytelling, where words are not required to understand the message being conveyed. He offers us some tips on how to accomplish this. There are a huge number of tools we can … [Read more...]