Confab Higher Ed 2013: Session Recaps, Day 1

From November 11-12, more than 350 individuals representing more than 170 institutions gathered in Atlanta for the inaugural Confab Higher Ed. Alaina Wiens of the University of Michigan-Flint and Meg Bernier of St. Lawrence University share their recaps from some of the 33 speakers who shared content strategy knowledge at the event. Keynote: “Content/Communication” with Kristina Halvorson Much like other big higher ed buzzwords such as … [Read more...]

Planning for Content Beyond the Web

The following guest post was written by Dave Olsen, a programmer and project manager at West Virginia University. Dave will be speaking at Confab Higher Ed in Atlanta, GA this November. "Get your content ready to go anywhere," says web designer Brad Frost, "because it’s going to go everywhere." For many, responsive web design has become the solution for ensuring that their content is, as Brad noted, “ready to go anywhere.” It’s a simple … [Read more...]

A Higher Ed Content Strategist Survival Guide

The following guest post was written by Lisa Maria Martin, a content strategist and information architect in higher ed. Lisa Maria will be speaking at Confab Higher Ed in Atlanta, GA this November. I’ve spent time in academia, and I’ve spent time in content strategy, but never before had I mixed the two. Then, last winter, I began working at a large, private university, handling content strategy and information architecture for websites … [Read more...]

Improv and Content Strategy

The following guest post was written by Amanda Costello, Lead Content Strategist at the University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development. Collaboration and listening are at the heart of both improv comedy and content strategy. You might have seen improv on stage or on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” In improv, while it doesn’t hurt to have a mind stuffed with trivia or an ear for a good pun, you must listen to your fellow … [Read more...]

Training Student Content Creators at Glendon College

The following guest post was written by Courtney Mallam, content specialist at Glendon College, York University in Toronto, Canada. Producing great web content isn’t easy — particularly when operating as the only designated content creator in your division. Some days, finding opportunities to thoughtfully plan and create content can feel like a small miracle. At Glendon College, we needed someone (or a whole team of someones!) to help tell our … [Read more...]