Planning for Content Delivery, Consumption and Context

In Monday's post, Georgy talked about transmedia storytelling in higher ed—using multiple content delivery methods to support your institution's story. This topic opens the door to a discussion on how you plan for content delivery and consumption that are contextually relevant for your audiences. With all the content delivery methods at our disposal, how do we know what content is most effective for the message, content type and target … [Read more...]

Don’t Serve Web Users, Partner With Them

On Seth Godin’s blog, he relates aligning your brand with customers to relationship building. Indeed, this partnership is the foundation of effective web content. Only when your content meets both your institution’s website goals and your users’ needs can it be called effective. This is a powerful mindset: Partnering with your users is more valuable than serving them because you’re involving them in the content planning process. Work to meet each … [Read more...]