Taking Care of Harvard Business

It's always nice to see higher education content initiatives getting some attention from the broader content strategy community. The latest institution in the spotlight is Harvard Business School, and they're doing a lot of things right. Their content creation is driven by stories -- sourced from the campus population, refined by the marketing communications staff and published across multiple platforms. Content creators find resources and … [Read more...]

Build Community Around Photo Content with Instagram

After years of loyal Blackberry usage, I finally bought an iPhone in early September. But it took me a few months to come around to what millions of iPhone users had been obsessing about for months: Instagram, the photo editing and sharing app. Once I decided to go all in, I realized what the buzz was all about—Instagram's real potential for engaging, community-driven content. In talking with Higher Ed Live's Seth Odell at EduComm 2011 last … [Read more...]

Reimagine Content in Higher Education

Last week, the Content Marketing Institute blog asked contributors, "What is the most useful thing you learned about content marketing in 2011?" I chimed in and gave the badge to Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman for their lesson "reimagine; don't recycle," found in their book Content Rules. This is a valuable content marketing lesson, but it's also an important content strategy lesson. The idea is to not simply repurpose content … [Read more...]

Content and Community at Boston University

Last week, we talked about content and community in higher education. What is the role of content in online community management? What are the challenges and opportunities? Some smart higher ed community managers chimed in to share their thoughts on these questions and others. Today, I'd like to dig a little deeper. I reached out to Jenny Mackintosh from Boston University to learn how she and other BU Marketing & Communications staff … [Read more...]

Higher Ed Takeaways From Confab 2011: The Content Strategy Conference

Last week Meet Content attended Confab: The Content Strategy Conference. We joined web content professionals from around the world to talk content and eat cake. (Seriously, our host Brain Traffic was not kidding when they said the days of content and cake were coming — the subsequent sugar highs were not just metaphorical.) To our delight, higher ed was well represented (check out our higher ed Confab Twitter list). In fact, organizers … [Read more...]