Margot Bloomstein and Colleen Jones on Higher Ed Content Strategy

While at Confab 2012, we sat down with renowned content strategists Margot Bloomstein and Colleen Jones, both of whom have done a significant amount of work with higher education, for a wide-ranging discussion about how the discipline applies in our field. Bloomstein is principal at Appropriate, Inc., and author of Content Strategy at Work. Jones is principal at Content Science and author of Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web … [Read more...]

Higher Ed Rocks Confab: Engaging Content at Indiana University

On the first day of Confab, Indiana University's Erika Knudson and Rebecca Salerno discussed their work creating a content strategy for the Indiana University Alumni Association geared around spurring engagement and building lasting relationships. We interviewed Knudson and Salerno about their effort: Below is our Storify of tweets from the session: [View the story "Creating Emotionally Relevant Content for Higher Education … [Read more...]

Higher Ed Rocks Confab: Web Governance at Normandale

On the second day of Confab, Normandale Community College's Lynne Figg took the stage to talk about how her college undertook a web governance initiative to address content ownership and quality issues. We interviewed Figg and colleagues Mary Krugerud and Matthew Crawford about the project: Below is our Storify of tweets from the session: [View the story "Normandale Community College Case Study: How governance changed our website" on … [Read more...]

Higher Ed Takeaways From Confab: The Content Strategy Conference 2012

Last week, Meet Content attended the second annual meeting of Confab: The Content Strategy Conference. It was another three sweet days of killer content and cake. Yep, still plenty of cake (and related puns). Higher ed had an even larger stake in the conference than it did last year (check out our higher ed Confab 2012 Twitter list). Plus, there were two great higher ed talks which we’ll cover in-depth tomorrow (stay tuned!). Our friends at … [Read more...]