Add Filmmaking Talent to Your Web Content Team

The following guest post was written by David Baker, Director of Web Communications at Oregon State University. David will be speaking at Confab Higher Ed in Atlanta, GA this November. Video content is a powerful tool for higher education marketing and communications. When done well, it can turn your brand into a channel and connect with your audience at an emotional level. Add technological developments that make advanced digital cinema … [Read more...]

Planning Content for Online Programs

For many students, campus is no longer a bucolic, tree-lined quad—it’s the nearest web browser. The face of higher education is changing, thanks to the boom of online learning programs—from traditional campuses introducing online degree programs to new, online-only institutions. As these programs and institutions have emerged, they have had to find creative ways to not only market themselves to a range of prospective students, but to … [Read more...]

The Future of Content Strategy In Five Minutes

Last week I attended and had the pleasure of speaking at the Content Strategy Forum in London. It was an amazing conference chock-full of web content professionals helping to move the industry forward. One of my favorite moments of the event was a series of "lightning talks"—by Shelly Wilson, Matthew Grocki, Nicole Jones, and Sara Wachter-Boettcher—discussing the future of content strategy. Each of them crammed tons of … [Read more...]

Developing a Progressive, Multiplatform Content Strategy

As web communicators, we operate in a multiplatform world, and our content strategies have to take that into account. Often, however, due to lack of resources, time or a sense of how we might use a particular channel, we don’t dive into all platforms at once. Josh Cole from Tippingpoint Labs says that we should account for this growth over time, but that we can also plan that trajectory from the outset. Cole explains that even if we start … [Read more...]

This Must Be the Place

Location-based services (LBS), writes Leen Jones, offer a powerful way to take our content marketing on the road, engaging users with content that is relevant to their physical location. Rick wrote last month about the importance of planning for the context in which content is consumed, and LBS is a prime example. She cites North Carolina State University's customized location-based service On Campus as an example of this, helping members of the … [Read more...]