This Must Be the Place

Location-based services (LBS), writes Leen Jones, offer a powerful way to take our content marketing on the road, engaging users with content that is relevant to their physical location. Rick wrote last month about the importance of planning for the context in which content is consumed, and LBS is a prime example. She cites North Carolina State University's customized location-based service On Campus as an example of this, helping members of the … [Read more...]

Packaging Is More Important Than Content (Without Context, That is)

A clever video by book publisher Dorling Kindersley, The Future of Publishing, is the perfect conclusion to a week spent talking about transmedia storytelling and content delivery. If we've learned anything this week, it's that context is key to creating relevant content and clear messaging. Oh, and books are dead and boring. Right? This is the end of publishing and books are dead and boring no longer can it be said that we like to … [Read more...]

Planning for Content Delivery, Consumption and Context

In Monday's post, Georgy talked about transmedia storytelling in higher ed—using multiple content delivery methods to support your institution's story. This topic opens the door to a discussion on how you plan for content delivery and consumption that are contextually relevant for your audiences. With all the content delivery methods at our disposal, how do we know what content is most effective for the message, content type and target … [Read more...]