Ask Me Anything: How Can Higher Ed Use Reddit AMAs?

The following guest post was written by Ryan Morejon, social media community manager, and Angeline Evans, former digital media manager, at Florida International University. You never want to dive into a new social channel without a strategy just because it’s new or just for the sake of being there. That’s why, at first, we were hesitant to experiment with Reddit at Florida International University. For one, we didn’t know much about it, … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget the Fundamentals

Last fall, we interviewed some smart people about the future of public relations in higher ed. (This Thursday, one of those people, Andrew Careaga, will discuss the topic further as a guest on Higher Ed Live.) But while much about how we practice public relations and media relations in higher ed keeps evolving at a rapid pace, there are certain fundamentals that remain unchanged. Davina Gould, director of publications and online communications … [Read more...]

Reinventing News on Your University Website

Two weeks ago at HighEdWeb, I gave a presentation entitled Carrying the Banner: Reinventing News on Your University Website. This session won the Red Stapler for Best of Track (Content), as well as Best of Conference honors. Thanks, HighEdWeb, for the opportunity to present and the tremendous honor! You can watch the full session online, thanks to Higher Ed Live, or read a recap, thanks to LINK. What follows is an elaboration on some of the key … [Read more...]

The Future of Public Relations in Higher Ed

The field of public relations is in flux. Technology makes it easier for us to directly connect with our audiences. The barriers to creating content types beyond the press release are lower than ever before. And the social web has redefined everything we thought we knew about communication. Given this landscape, what is the role of a higher ed media relations professional in the 21st century? I think these changes indicate that the power to … [Read more...]

Who is the Hero of Your Press Release?

The press release is one of the most ubiquitous elements of higher ed communications, but it is also one of the most static. Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about how to bring the press release into the 21st century. But how about looking for inspiration from centuries past? In this blog post for PR Newswire, VP of user experience design and workflow Rod Nicolson draws on the insights of mythologist Joseph Campbell to outline the … [Read more...]