Future: Perfect! Tense?

Content is on the move! The web has been unleashed from the desktop browser, and content is spilling out onto a host of devices and consumption contexts. However, we're not always preparing our content to embrace this brave new world effectively. As with all things, a little structure is necessary to make the best of things. After HighEdWeb 2011, we called out a couple of sessions that talked about the importance of treating content as data. … [Read more...]

Going Long: The Role of Longform Web Content

With 140-character tweets and short, scannable web copy often top of mind, it can be difficult to think of a situation where we would willingly want to publish thousands of words. But longform content is carving out a significant niche in the habits of online content consumers, as evidenced by trends in journalism and ebook publishing. In higher ed, there are opportunities to capitalize on this trend, as well as implications to … [Read more...]

Empathy as Content Strategy

Thanks for reading this post. Are you at a computer? Maybe you're using an iPhone. If so, should I assume you're on the bus or walking down the street? Maybe you're not. Maybe you're just on your couch and too lazy to grab the laptop. How should I, as a content creator, anticipate and prepare for that? When thinking about what mobile means, web content expert Gerry McGovern urges us not to make assumptions about context and intent. "Mobile is … [Read more...]

Content Takeaways from HighEdWeb 2011

Last week, we traveled to Austin, TX, for HighEdWeb 2011, one of the most eagerly anticipated events on our calendar. We were excited to present on making quality content count with web analytics (Rick) and reinventing news on your university website (Georgy, who received a Red Stapler and Best of Conference honor for the session). While the content track was held on the hotel’s top floor — “closest to heaven,” as many put it — we gleaned … [Read more...]