ROT: The Low-Hanging Fruit of Content Analysis

Content analysis is an essential part of creating and sustaining effective web content. How do you know if your content is any good if you don’t analyze it? Yet the process quickly becomes complex as you evaluate content against branding, usefulness, relevance, usability, voice and tone, format, search engine optimization, delivery channel and many other criteria. Let's face it, quality content takes work. However, many content problems are … [Read more...]

Three Lessons Higher Ed Web Communicators Can Learn from NPR’s Andy Carvin

Amid the political upheaval in the Middle East over the past several weeks, a dependable source of information has been Andy Carvin (@acarvin), NPR's senior social media strategist. But he's not reporting out of Tripoli or Cairo. Rather, he's tweeting from his Maryland home, often while his kids watch TV in the background and cats vie for attention at his feet. Carvin, whom one Metafilter thread dubbed "Curator of the Revolution," has been … [Read more...]

Three Higher Ed Content Problems a Strategy Can Solve

One of the goals of Meet Content is to make content strategy more tangible for higher education web professionals. Many discussions on content strategy (including those led by me) look at it from a wide-angle lens, which demonstrates the necessary holistic approach to content. However, this approach can also make the discipline seem overwhelming and unmanageable. So, to bridge the gap between concepts and daily challenges, I'd like to highlight … [Read more...]

Creating a Social Media Content Calendar

With social media, it's easy to rely on one of my favorite "anti-strategies" – serendipity. Why not, right? People tweet awesome things every day about my school that I can just retweet. There's always a new article or an interesting video to post on Facebook. The hits just keep on coming. We'll be fine. You can’t plan social media! Until you have an episode of what I call Blank Page Panic. The symptoms of Blank Page Panic are clammy hands, … [Read more...]