Ask Me Anything: How Can Higher Ed Use Reddit AMAs?

The following guest post was written by Ryan Morejon, social media community manager, and Angeline Evans, former digital media manager, at Florida International University. You never want to dive into a new social channel without a strategy just because it’s new or just for the sake of being there. That’s why, at first, we were hesitant to experiment with Reddit at Florida International University. For one, we didn’t know much about it, … [Read more...]

We Blog About Headlines. What Comes Next Will Amaze You

My first job out of college was working for the Boston Globe’s website, which afforded me the opportunity to write a lot of headlines. Perhaps the best (or worst) headline I ever wrote, after a Boston Celtics victory, was “Pierce nets 40 as Celtics pierce Nets.” Clever, eh? “Clever” could be an apt description for many headlines you read. The goal of the headline is to tell you what a story is about, establish its tone, and entice you to read … [Read more...]

Content Rocks at HighEdWeb Arkansas

Last week, higher ed web professionals from the South, the Midwest and points beyond gathered in Little Rock, Arkansas, for the third annual HighEdWeb Arkansas regional conference. And the event, well, rocked. In particular, there were several sessions covering topics where content plays a vital role. We sat down with some of these speakers and asked them to share highlights from their talks. Community Engagement FTW Robin Smail, … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget the Fundamentals

Last fall, we interviewed some smart people about the future of public relations in higher ed. (This Thursday, one of those people, Andrew Careaga, will discuss the topic further as a guest on Higher Ed Live.) But while much about how we practice public relations and media relations in higher ed keeps evolving at a rapid pace, there are certain fundamentals that remain unchanged. Davina Gould, director of publications and online communications … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Context Rules

I've written before about how the Associated Press crafted a digital strategy in 2008 to reflect the changing online news marketplace. Well, they're at it again. This time, as PR consultant, Lou Hoffman relates, they're mapping out how to achieve success beyond breaking news. A memo by senior managing editor Michael Oreskes outlines how the AP should embrace "journalism that’s more analytical, maybe a fresh and immediate entry point, a move … [Read more...]