Eleventh Hour Content Strategy

Any digital initiative — be it a website redesign, a social media campaign, or an enewsletter — should follow a content-first approach. But, as content strategist Corey Vilhauer reminds us, “There is no universal content strategy methodology.” Thanks to the insights shared from our peers across higher education and the broader world of content strategy, we have a lot of models to learn from and adapt for our needs. Yet, as we know, things … [Read more...]

The Case for a Web Editor-in-Chief

Web content workflow and governance include many moving parts. In order to keep the wheels turning, roles and responsibilities must be defined to make sure that all work gets done and that content contributors have clear expectations about their own and others’ responsibilities. As described in Content Strategy for the Web, 2nd Edition by Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach: "It’s critical for each person to know what their role is and how … [Read more...]

Content Resolutions for 2013

With 2012 nearly wrapped up, we’re looking ahead. Whether you enjoy creating New Year’s resolutions or not, here are some content goals we hope are on your list for 2013. De-Silo Social Media We may feel like we’ve got this social thing down. We’ve built large communities via Facebook and Twitter, creating great content that spurs tons of engagement. Our student bloggers are going like gangbusters. And we’ve successfully experimented with … [Read more...]

Planning for Homepage Content

If there’s one thing that the infamous XKCD university homepage comic reminded us, it’s that we need to strike a better balance between tasks and messaging on our homepages. And if there’s one thing that the commentary stemming from that comic reminded us, it’s that our homepage is one of the most political entities we will ever manage, and the solutions don’t come easy. But if you think about, there really is no separate homepage strategy, is … [Read more...]

Case in Point: Content Culture at Vanderbilt

One of the biggest challenges we face in higher ed getting people to buy into the value of content strategy and build support for content across our organization. At Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., executive director of integrated communications Melanie Moran has rung up a string of successes doing just that. Whether it’s their news site, the 365@VU photo project, the alumni magazine or a recent reorganization, Moran and her team at … [Read more...]