Planning for Content Beyond the Web

The following guest post was written by Dave Olsen, a programmer and project manager at West Virginia University. Dave will be speaking at Confab Higher Ed in Atlanta, GA this November. "Get your content ready to go anywhere," says web designer Brad Frost, "because it’s going to go everywhere." For many, responsive web design has become the solution for ensuring that their content is, as Brad noted, “ready to go anywhere.” It’s a simple … [Read more...]

Of Content and Code

I am a big fan of imploring content folks to walk across the office and get to know their web developers. The more we understand the complementary disciplines in our field and seek out smart partnerships, the better off our web experiences (and our users) will be. (Our post last year about the relationship between content strategy and web development got at some of these ideas.) But, as with most things, achieving those smart partnerships is … [Read more...]

Toward Future Friendly Content

The set of principles known as Future Friendly compels mobile web developers to 1) acknowledge and embrace unpredictability 2) think and behave in a future-friendly way and 3) help others do the same. Dave Olsen of West Virginia University took those principles and applied them to higher ed, painting a picture of the future-friendly campus. And several of these principles tie back to the role of content. Among the points in Olsen’s “manifesto” … [Read more...]

Content Takeaways from HighEdWeb 2011

Last week, we traveled to Austin, TX, for HighEdWeb 2011, one of the most eagerly anticipated events on our calendar. We were excited to present on making quality content count with web analytics (Rick) and reinventing news on your university website (Georgy, who received a Red Stapler and Best of Conference honor for the session). While the content track was held on the hotel’s top floor — “closest to heaven,” as many put it — we gleaned … [Read more...]

Content Strategy and Web Development in Higher Ed

We can talk until we’re blue in the face about what makes for great web content, but those efforts would never make it online if not for our web developers. From content management systems to microsites blending multimedia and social media elements, they create the systems and interfaces that give our content function, traction and mobility. In my experience working on content-centric projects with web developers, I find that the key to … [Read more...]