Creating a Social Media Style Guide

Style guides are essential partners in the creation of effective content. They help ensure consistency of tone, voice, brand, spelling and grammar, giving our content credibility and value. Rick provided a great breakdown of the elements of editorial style for the web last August. But what about social media? Since we can’t erect an editorial process around every individual tweet, status, comment or response, it is critical to have a style … [Read more...]

Social Media Guides for Content Creation

What do Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube have in common? While they are often essential to our content strategy, none of these third-party social media platforms are completely intuitive. They all have little-known functionality, power user tricks and an unceasing tide of new features that, if we’re in the know, can help us more effectively achieve our communications goals. The good news is, we can get a lot of insight straight from the … [Read more...]

Meet Content

Everyone in higher education wants great and effective web content, but how do we make that happen? Where do we start? What are the challenges and solutions? What does it take to “get it right”? Meet Content was founded by Georgy Cohen and me, Rick Allen, to explore these questions and many others. Why? Because we love great content, just like you! Our goal is to enable higher education institutions to create and sustain web content that … [Read more...]