Tracking Content Goals With Web Analytics

Okay, now that you're up to speed on a goal-driven approach to web analytics for content analysis, let's look under the hood of Google Analytics to see how you can track those killer success metrics (KPIs) you defined. There are many important steps involved in configuring Google Analytics — or any other web analytics tool — to properly record, organize and label data. However, defining your analytics goals is probably the single most important … [Read more...]

A Web Analytics Framework for Content Analysis

Last month we kicked off a series of posts on web analytics by discussing the value of web analytics for content measurement. So, now that you're on board with adding web analytics to your content measurement toolkit (right?), let's talk about making use of it. Author Lou Rosenfeld describes two approaches to using web analytics: top-down and bottom-up. Top-down analytics is when you start with a narrow set of goals to identify a larger set … [Read more...]

Web Analytics: What Is It Good For?

Quality content is a hard sell. Sure, people get that content is important — but getting people to invest the time and resources needed to make content great isn't easy. It’s not enough to tell decision makers you need quality content. In order to make the case for it, you have to demonstrate success and failure. Selling content strategy is a continuous process. You must show how content quality impacts business goals and user needs. This is … [Read more...]

What To Cut: A Content Cropping Checklist

Sooner or later website owners realize they have much too much content on their website — too much redundant, outdated, irrelevant, off-brand content. More so than ever, organizations appreciate that less is often more on the web. Less content can improve communication, findability, usability and usefulness. Not to mention, less content is easier to maintain and measure. But trying to figure out what content to cut is daunting. You might be … [Read more...]

Content Governance Assessment

During our first Meet Content webinar, an attendee asked a great question: where do you start with web content governance? It’s a challenging question to answer because content governance requires that you first have a content plan. Content governance — a process of managing content roles, responsibilities, processes, documentation, tools and training — can’t be distinguished from your content strategy. In order to manage the elements of … [Read more...]