Be Our Guest

As you may know, we have lots to say about content. But the more we work to elevate the discussion of content strategy in higher ed, the more we discover the extraordinary work being done by you, our readers. And we want to hear more about it. So we’re inviting the Meet Content community to submit blog post proposals and share the great work you’re doing. Interested? Let’s talk. Over the next few months, your guest posts will be … [Read more...]

Introducing Meat Content

Over the past year, we’ve talked a lot about web content and ways to improve it in higher ed. And while those conversations have been great, we think we’ve identified a more pressing topic deserving of our attention. And that topic is meat. A highly advanced analysis of popular topics among the higher ed web community showed that bacon is among the most discussed topics. However, upon closer evaluation, we came to understand that bacon was only … [Read more...]