Themes From #meetcontent: Relationship Management and Content Strategy

Last Tuesday night, just over a month after we brought Meet Content to life, we brought Meet Content to IRL with our launch event, a panel entitled “Creating and Sustaining Higher Ed Web Content.” And the #meetcontent hashtag was hopping! Our outstanding panelists -- Boston University’s Nathaniel Boyle, Emerson College’s Mike Petroff, Tufts University’s Samantha Snitow and Wellesley College’s Charna Westervelt -- covered a range of topics … [Read more...]

Higher Ed Content and Tasty Cookies

Can it be? One month ago, Rick Allen and I launched Meet Content, hoping to stir up an active dialogue about creating and sustaining effective web content in higher ed. We’ve been humbled and excited by the great feedback, comments, questions and discussions since launch (not just on our site, but also on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). So we want to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than by... talking about web content in higher ed! … [Read more...]

Transmedia Storytelling in Higher Ed

One of my favorite TV shows is "Mad Men." (What can I say, I’m a sucker for men with fedoras.) However, some of my favorite parts of the series never happen on television. Case in point? The “Mad Men Yourself” avatar creator, the characters’ Twitter accounts, the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce job interview game, the “Fashion File” blog posts that reveal new details about the show by analyzing the fashions featured in each episode. The list goes … [Read more...]

Three Lessons Higher Ed Web Communicators Can Learn from NPR’s Andy Carvin

Amid the political upheaval in the Middle East over the past several weeks, a dependable source of information has been Andy Carvin (@acarvin), NPR's senior social media strategist. But he's not reporting out of Tripoli or Cairo. Rather, he's tweeting from his Maryland home, often while his kids watch TV in the background and cats vie for attention at his feet. Carvin, whom one Metafilter thread dubbed "Curator of the Revolution," has been … [Read more...]

Meet Content

Everyone in higher education wants great and effective web content, but how do we make that happen? Where do we start? What are the challenges and solutions? What does it take to “get it right”? Meet Content was founded by Georgy Cohen and me, Rick Allen, to explore these questions and many others. Why? Because we love great content, just like you! Our goal is to enable higher education institutions to create and sustain web content that … [Read more...]