Is Your Web Content Ready to Go or Is It Stuck at Home?

On CMSWire, Ahava Leibtag talks about how user scenarios help plan for useful mobile content—an increasingly important topic for higher education. The question is no longer just why are people accessing our website but also how, when and where? A major part of content strategy is defining your users so you can help them accomplish their tasks more easily. When you define your users and what they care about, how they might behave on a website … [Read more...]

Using Jargon? Inconceivable!

On the Sametz Blackstone blog, Meg Fowler warns against using jargon in our communications—a plight to which nonprofits are particularly prone. If you ask every level of an organization how they share the organization’s story, you’ll often get a lot of different answers, expressed in vastly different language—with a particularly large divide between the public and private voices. Which means that, both internally and externally, … [Read more...]