Going Long: The Role of Longform Web Content

With 140-character tweets and short, scannable web copy often top of mind, it can be difficult to think of a situation where we would willingly want to publish thousands of words. But longform content is carving out a significant niche in the habits of online content consumers, as evidenced by trends in journalism and ebook publishing. In higher ed, there are opportunities to capitalize on this trend, as well as implications to … [Read more...]

Visualizing Content: Using Infographics For Clear Communication

If you follow the web marketing world, you’ve likely seen an increasing number of infographics linked around. They’ve become a very hip content type: vertical images jam-packed with iconography and statistics explaining anything from the growth of mobile to storytelling to, well, infographics. Forget viral videos -- we need a viral infographic! Closely tied to the rise of infographics is the prevalence of data visualization, as we become more … [Read more...]