Six Months of Meet Content

This weekend at Podcamp Boston, one presenter made the point that monitoring social media won't give you all the answers, but it will give you some really good questions. Six months ago today, we started Meet Content to open a discussion about improving web content in higher education, and we've covered a lot of topics, ranging from infographics to contextual content delivery to crisis communications to editorial style. 33 blog posts and 41 On … [Read more...]

Higher Ed Live Recap: “A ‘Content-First’ Approach to Higher Ed Web”

On June 19, we appeared on Higher Ed Live with Seth Odell to talk about a "content-first" approach to higher ed web. It was a great discussion about why content matters and how we can make it the center of our conversations about the web in higher ed. We'd like to share the episode with you and flesh out some of the ideas we discussed with Seth. Why "Content First"? Content should always come first because we need it to support all … [Read more...]

Higher Ed Takeaways From Confab 2011: The Content Strategy Conference

Last week Meet Content attended Confab: The Content Strategy Conference. We joined web content professionals from around the world to talk content and eat cake. (Seriously, our host Brain Traffic was not kidding when they said the days of content and cake were coming — the subsequent sugar highs were not just metaphorical.) To our delight, higher ed was well represented (check out our higher ed Confab Twitter list). In fact, organizers … [Read more...]