Thinking Strategically About Facebook Content

Last week, higher ed new media communication specialist Alaina Wiens wrote about how recent changes to the Facebook Newsfeed are affecting user engagement. As Facebook tightens their grip on the algorithm that prioritizes when and where posts are seen, social media content creators are scrambling to figure out the requirements for successful Facebook engagement. Wiens reminds us that it's more important than ever to have a strategy. Facebook is … [Read more...]

Perception Measures and Content ROI

On the topic of content measurement and ROI, we typically think web analytics and business-driven analysis. But how do we measure the impact of our content on our users? Content strategist Daniel Eizans calls these "perception measures". This type of qualitative analysis is important if we aim to understand how and in what context our content best meets users' needs. In his post, Eizans breaks down the types of perception measures, … [Read more...]

The Fallacy of User-Centered Content

On Meet Content, we talk a lot about the importance of users’ needs. Last week Georgy discussed content as customer service, highlighting the need for our content to be helpful to users. Indeed, content is customer service! For web writing and content creation, I consider this the number one guideline: keep your audience in mind. What are their needs? Why are they visiting your website? Content can't be useful if you don't know why it's needed … [Read more...]

Google Says Users First With Lengthy Page Content

The simple secret to search engine optimization (SEO): focus on your users. In Google's latest attempt to improve search for web users, they have prioritized single-page versions of multi-page articles (if a single-page version of the article exists) in search results. This is a relatively minor tweak on Google's part, but it's a good reminder to create web content for people first and search engines second. Search engines aim to deliver … [Read more...]

Prioritize: Less Content, More Action

This week, Tim Nekritz, director of web communication and associate director of public affairs at SUNY Oswego, discussed the need for less talk and more action with web content. In the process of revising the SUNY Oswego Admissions page, he pared down the existing content. He focused only on essential admissions information and included a compelling video describing the SUNY Oswego experience. Nekritz’s revisions are a good example of … [Read more...]