Making Content Strategy Work with Student Staff (Part Two)

Yesterday, we began discussing how our content strategy efforts can be made more effective by smartly applying student workers to the cause. As Texas A&M’s Amy Grace Wells explained, the challenge is in getting the students to see past individual assignments and embrace the larger strategy at work. With the right training, context and support in place, Wells has made it happen. Today, we bring you the student perspective. Laura Lorenz is a … [Read more...]

Making Content Strategy Work with Student Staff (Part One)

Content strategy in higher ed can be a gnarly, complex pursuit, and more often than not, we may feel we don’t have the staff to adequately take on the challenge. This is where student workers can prove invaluable. But how can we apply the time and talent of students—some of whom may only be with us for a semester, or only for a few hours a week—toward content strategy work, which is inherently long-range, in-depth and holistic? We talked to … [Read more...]

Designing Content Workflow for Your CMS

We can talk all day about creating great content, but if we don't have a process for sustaining it, our content strategy will fail. A big content governance challenge is ensuring that multiple content contributors maintain messaging, communication, editorial and content standards. This is particularly true for staff who have other responsibilities and for whom content is not always the highest priority. For many higher education … [Read more...]

Managing Content Workflow for Faculty

You’ve done it! You’ve captured the intricacies and practical applications of Professor Mumblemore’s groundbreaking work on glottochronology (or electrophysiology, or perhaps paleoentomology) in crisp, engaging, easy to comprehend prose (or a minute-thirty of video, if you prefer). Good work! All that’s left is to get his A-OK and we can get this puppy published. Wait… what’s this? Professor Mumblemore returned your piece with notes—lots of … [Read more...]

Margot Bloomstein and Colleen Jones on Higher Ed Content Strategy

While at Confab 2012, we sat down with renowned content strategists Margot Bloomstein and Colleen Jones, both of whom have done a significant amount of work with higher education, for a wide-ranging discussion about how the discipline applies in our field. Bloomstein is principal at Appropriate, Inc., and author of Content Strategy at Work. Jones is principal at Content Science and author of Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web … [Read more...]