Managing Content Workflow for Faculty

You’ve done it! You’ve captured the intricacies and practical applications of Professor Mumblemore’s groundbreaking work on glottochronology (or electrophysiology, or perhaps paleoentomology) in crisp, engaging, easy to comprehend prose (or a minute-thirty of video, if you prefer). Good work! All that’s left is to get his A-OK and we can get this puppy published. Wait… what’s this? Professor Mumblemore returned your piece with notes—lots of … [Read more...]

The Content Strategy Knowledge Gap

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing web folks — creative directors, marketers, digital strategists, designers, developers, information architects — and a distinguishing quality of their work was an understanding of content strategy. Being smart about content is the road to success for all web professionals. As prospective employees and consultants step up to the plate to bridge the content strategy knowledge gap, colleges must … [Read more...]

Higher Ed Responsive Web Design Trail Blazers say ‘Content-First’

Over the past couple of years, the advent of responsive web design has changed the way we think about websites. We no longer need to feel compelled to plan around countless devices. Rather, we can plan for a single web experience that works in unpredictable contexts. More often than not, that comes down to the content. Responsive web design, within the larger school of thought around creating adaptive content, gives content folks a lot to … [Read more...]

Guidelines for Smart Content Curation

On May 8, I delivered a Meet Content webinar about effective content curation for higher ed. This post captures many of the insights I shared in that session. I love this “Dilbert” cartoon where the “digital media curation” professional at a meeting says, in response to someone asking what he does, “Ha ha! I look down on you for not understanding my trendy jargon!” But in the end, even he can’t explain his work. Curation is hip, which … [Read more...]

Margot Bloomstein and Colleen Jones on Higher Ed Content Strategy

While at Confab 2012, we sat down with renowned content strategists Margot Bloomstein and Colleen Jones, both of whom have done a significant amount of work with higher education, for a wide-ranging discussion about how the discipline applies in our field. Bloomstein is principal at Appropriate, Inc., and author of Content Strategy at Work. Jones is principal at Content Science and author of Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web … [Read more...]