Taking Care of Harvard Business

It's always nice to see higher education content initiatives getting some attention from the broader content strategy community. The latest institution in the spotlight is Harvard Business School, and they're doing a lot of things right. Their content creation is driven by stories -- sourced from the campus population, refined by the marketing communications staff and published across multiple platforms. Content creators find resources and … [Read more...]

Storytelling on Facebook

Yes, Facebook's rollout of Timeline for brand pages has gotten an incredible amount of ink. Err, pixels. Whatever. It's gotten a lot of attention. As challenging as it can be to figure out yet another Facebook change, Timeline does offer some compelling ways to use Facebook to tell our brand story. By emphasizing an organization's history, Timeline allows us to demonstrate our brand identity as something that has been true and enduring over … [Read more...]

Go With the Workflow

We're very fond of saying that you shouldn't plan for content unless you have the resources to support it. But it's not enough to gesture toward the three willing and eager warm bodies you have on hand, ready to tackle content. What are the tasks? How will they be broken out and assigned? How much time do they take? What comes first, then second, then third? Resources alone aren't enough. Only by planning for the efficient use of those … [Read more...]

Future: Perfect! Tense?

Content is on the move! The web has been unleashed from the desktop browser, and content is spilling out onto a host of devices and consumption contexts. However, we're not always preparing our content to embrace this brave new world effectively. As with all things, a little structure is necessary to make the best of things. After HighEdWeb 2011, we called out a couple of sessions that talked about the importance of treating content as data. … [Read more...]

Debating Content Strategy

You may be like us, in that you're excited about the ways content strategy can help your institution communicate more effectively via the web. But Gerry McGovern asked a striking question in a recent blog post: "Is there such a thing as content strategy?" He argues that while we may think content is great, senior managers may not care. They just want to get things done -- they don't care about content audits, even though we may seem them as … [Read more...]