Content and Community in Higher Education

Some things were just meant to go together — mac and cheese, Wallace and Gromit, Georgy Cohen and a karaoke bar. Also, content strategy and community management. When it comes to social media, these disciplines are completely dependent upon each other. Every tweet, Facebook comment, Flickr photo, YouTube video and blog post is content — and content should give people a reason to stay engaged in your community, conveying meaningful ideas worth … [Read more...]

Content Takeaways from HighEdWeb 2011

Last week, we traveled to Austin, TX, for HighEdWeb 2011, one of the most eagerly anticipated events on our calendar. We were excited to present on making quality content count with web analytics (Rick) and reinventing news on your university website (Georgy, who received a Red Stapler and Best of Conference honor for the session). While the content track was held on the hotel’s top floor — “closest to heaven,” as many put it — we gleaned … [Read more...]

The Future of Public Relations in Higher Ed

The field of public relations is in flux. Technology makes it easier for us to directly connect with our audiences. The barriers to creating content types beyond the press release are lower than ever before. And the social web has redefined everything we thought we knew about communication. Given this landscape, what is the role of a higher ed media relations professional in the 21st century? I think these changes indicate that the power to … [Read more...]

Despite Facebook Changes, You Still Control Your Content

Here’s a poke for you: Facebook has changed everything—again. But this time, it has an even more significant impact on the way we use the ubiquitous social network to build community through content. Facebook Pages, the main platform for brands in Mark Zuckerberg’s universe, have gotten short shrift from the recent changes. Page content is noticeably missing from users’ news feeds, and as blogger Colin Alsheimer wrote, "The emphasis on … [Read more...]

Content as Customer Service

When we craft our flashy admissions viewbooks, statement videos and feature stories, we hope they will cultivate “warm fuzzies.” Whether the goal is to get an alumna to donate or a student to apply, tapping that emotional core is critical to influencing behavior. But sometimes, the quickest path to making a connection can be found simply by being helpful. Good customer service can be our best marketing, and our web content is on the front line … [Read more...]